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Learn more about custom HCG Diet programs for menAre you a middle-aged man who has developed a potbellied appearance that you can’t seem to get rid of no matter what you try? Perhaps you’re a younger guy who is just starting to notice some excess fat despite the fact that you work out regularly and eat a healthy diet. Unfortunately, both types of fat can be very resistant and hard to lose. The good news is that the HCG Diet for men in Orlando Florida can help you drop weight quickly, whether you are obese or just a little bit overweight.

Misconceptions about the HCG Hormone

You may have heard that HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women. This is true; however, men and women who are not pregnant also possess the hormone in smaller amounts. When used as a weight loss supplement, HCG is perfectly safe for both men and women. There is no truth to the rumor that it causes men to develop characteristics that are more typical of women, such as a higher voice or enlarged breasts.

HCG works by attacking your body’s fat reserves and burning them for energy. This is very different from the way most diet plans work. When you restrict calories, your body automatically holds on to fat for energy and burns muscle instead. With your muscle strength depleted, you’re likely to feel run-down, irritable, and extremely hungry. You may also struggle with frequent headaches. The HCG hormone helps to regulate your appetite so that you don’t feel deprived, even when consuming a very low calorie diet.

How the HCG Diet Resets Your Metabolism

During the first two days of the HCG Diet in Orlando, you complete the loading phase. For these two days only, you may eat anything you like. In fact, your HCG Doctor will encourage you to consume as many calories as you possibly can. Nothing is off limits, not even beer, pizza, and half-pound bacon cheeseburgers. The purpose of the loading phase is to ensure that your body has an adequate fat reserve to draw from while you follow a very low calorie diet for several weeks or months.

After you complete the active phase of the diet, you move directly to the maintenance phase. While you are busy losing weight, your body adjusts to the reduced amount of food and your metabolism resets itself. This makes it easier for you to maintain your weight loss after you have finished the program entirely.

Healthy Food Choices: The Other Piece of the Puzzle

While the HCG hormone burns through fat quickly and helps control your appetite, you must commit to following a healthy, low calorie diet in order to succeed with the HCG Diet plan. In addition to a customized HCG compound, your doctor creates an eating plan based on your individual needs. However, every HCG diet for men requires participants to focus their food choices on fruits, vegetables, proteins, and lean meats. You should plan to eat three meals per day plus one snack.

For best results, avoid choosing two of the same types of food for one meal. Variety and balance are important from a nutritional standpoint as well as helping you stay on track. You also need to avoid sweets, starchy vegetables, certain types of fruit, and certain grooming and personal hygiene products. Before you start the active phase of the Orlando HCG Diet for men, your doctor will provide you with a detailed list of foods and products to avoid.

A Note about Intense Exercise While on the HCG Diet

Most HCG Diet Specialists recommend that you refrain from heavy workout sessions while you are actively losing weight. This is because your body holds on to water weight after an intense session, which could actually cause your weight to increase. You also need to conserve energy as your body adjusts to the big change in calorie consumption. However, regular moderate exercise is encouraged once you have reached maintenance.

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