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Orlando HCG Medical Weight Loss Plans for WomenAs a woman, so many things work against you when it comes to maintaining a healthy body weight. Premenstrual syndrome, perimenopause, menopause, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can all take an enormous toll on your body and cause the weight to pile on quickly. The stress of being a woman in modern society also plays a role in your weight and overall health. Working, caring for your family, and other obligations often leave little time to plan or eat healthy meals. You go for convenience foods, which unfortunately are high in fat and low in nutrition.

As the scale goes up and your clothes get tighter, discouragement and desperation set in. You try one diet after another in hopes that this one will be the last. After losing weight initially on a commercial diet plan, you eventually succumb to extreme hunger and go off the diet. This results in gaining back the weight you lost and possibly more. After repeating this cycle several times, you realize there has to be a better answer. The HCG Diet for women in Orlando Florida offers the fast, long-term solution that has eluded you until now.

How Does the HCG Diet for Women Work?

If you’ve ever been pregnant and went on to deliver a healthy baby, you can thank your body’s HCG hormones. While both men and women produce HCG, the bodies of pregnant women manufacture it at hundreds of times the normal rate. Without HCG, either you or your baby would receive all of the nourishment but not both of you. The hormone makes it possible for you to remain healthy even while some of your food intake is diverted to the developing baby.

The HCG Diet uses this same philosophy. Even though you subside on a small percentage of the calories that you normally consume, the injected hormone makes it possible for you to feel satisfied while quickly dropping weight. Every day that you are actively losing weight on this diet, you visit an HCG Specialist in Orlando to receive an injection or another form of HCG approved for weight loss purposes. The HCG, combined with your commitment to following a healthy diet that is low in calories, allows you to lose weight at least twice as fast as any other diet program.

Women do lose weight more slowly than men on the plan, but most still average a half-pound per day during the active phase. Because individual results vary, keep in mind that some women lose more than this and some lose less.

Important Ways the HCG Diet is Different from Others

The human body is remarkable in its ability for self-protection, even though you may not always appreciate it. On a typical diet, you lose fat at first while retaining muscle. However, this doesn’t last for long. Once your body senses that it’s starving, it holds on to the fat reserves and burns muscle instead. This is frustrating for women who initially experienced weight loss success and then saw their progress stagnate. The Orlando HCG Diet allows you to lose fat for the entire duration and keep your muscles intact. Additionally, it readjusts your metabolism so that it’s easy to keep off the weight you’ve lost or lose weight again in the future if you desire.

The other major way that the HCG Diet for women is different is that it’s medically supervised and customized to meet your specific needs. After conducting a physical and some laboratory tests, your doctor provides a local pharmacist with the results so he or she can prepare your HCG compound. Each session of HCG administration is personally supervised by your doctor or a close associate. This ensures that you don’t experience any unusual effects from the HCG and that you’re meeting your weight loss goals as expected.

If you’re tired of being a slave to diets that don’t really work, contact a local Orlando HCG Diet Specialist today to schedule your HCG Diet consultation and learn more!

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